Two nights ago I had a dream that led me to believe that indeed, that when it comes down to dreams, The Sky Is The Limit.


I was standing at the edge of a lake. I don’t remember the exact details of my surroundings but I do remember that the water reassembled a tormented sea.


I picked up a stone, or perhaps it was a tennis ball… Anyway, I threw the object as hard as I could to try and reach the other side of the lake.

I aimed high.

But the ball only ascended a few hundred feet before it rebounded violently and crashed into the water.


I guess The Sky really is The limit.

I’d never consciously challenged that thought before.

And until I do, I’ll be grounded.



This moment has happened an infinite amount of times..

And yet, I never. See. It coming.

And I am  never prepared for it.

(You)       never cease to remind me that some things..

..never change.

Somehow    we       always     seem    to       follow  the     same patterns

I am always left amazed.