​You can’t save me.

You can’t make me smile,

You cant make me cry,

You can’t hurt me..

..you don’t have that power over me, that is mine alone.

You can hold me.

You can freeze time just by placing your head on my shoulder.

So soft and delicate on the senses.


You can walk away at any moment..

..and leave me.


Nycto Scoto Lygo Achluo

Many people are frightened of the dark.

The dark allows the darkness within to expand, escape and augment the world around us.

The light keeps the dark away. Hidden inside the heart, mind and soul..


The light hides the darkness within all of us..

..but you can’t hide from me.

Many people are frightened of the dark..

..I (embrace) it.

#99 Problems

Third world.

Earth – Imperfect, Human, Life.

First world.

Mercury – Toxic*, Poor conductor of warmth, Dissolves wealth.


*According to emedicinehealth.com, Elemental mercury toxicity can cause:

mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes,insomnia, headache,abnormal sensations,muscle twitching,tremors,weakness,muscle atrophy, and decreased cognitive functions.

High exposures of elemental mercury can cause kidney malfunction, respiratory failure, and death.