Silence is Golden.
Well, in certain circumstances anyway..

And depending on whether or not you value Gold..

Hey, let’s just say ‘Silence is…’  and for the purpose of this post, add whatever Value you want.

Anyway, I always notice how her lips form the shape of a heart whenever I Lie next to her.

More often than not, whenever she breaks her silence —–  —–

I break her heart <\3




I seem to trip and stumble through this sort of thing.
I would like to say it’s through necessity but the truth is I’m just reaching out to you (her)

Well, reaching out as far as the single digit it takes to pour my heart out

(Technology these days)

No ink spilled, no paper, no mistakes, no idleness; lest the devil makes work and real intentions are shown.

You are so meticulous and structured in your prose..

..I just trip and stumble.


Two nights ago I had a dream that led me to believe that indeed, that when it comes down to dreams, The Sky Is The Limit.


I was standing at the edge of a lake. I don’t remember the exact details of my surroundings but I do remember that the water reassembled a tormented sea.


I picked up a stone, or perhaps it was a tennis ball… Anyway, I threw the object as hard as I could to try and reach the other side of the lake.

I aimed high.

But the ball only ascended a few hundred feet before it rebounded violently and crashed into the water.


I guess The Sky really is The limit.

I’d never consciously challenged that thought before.

And until I do, I’ll be grounded.




When taking part in an argument you need to know when (and where) to draw the line.

Personally, I like to draw the line either more or less than 90 degrees.

On one hand, I can be blunt and straight to the point.

On the other, I can be acute, precise, and close to the base of the topic.


Many of us would admit that in fact, words can hurt us.

Yeah, the pen can be mightier than the sword (in the right situation)

I think that they are equal.

SharpWORDS can be deadly…

=[As long as there is a point==>


The best things in life are free.

Who are you to put any value on your possessions?

And you know that my generation and the generations below mine don’t know the value of money.

You have been warned.