If the actions of One Soul in today’s  society can equate to a frenzy of anger and condemnation,

The actions of Tens of Thousands Souls throughout history means that we are already in a living Hell.

Judgement Day has been and gone.

Our final minutes are a lifetime of this.

Anti Hero

Anti Hero

I have gained amazing Power.
The more I learn to control it;

The intricacies, rules and limits..
The greater it grows.

In fact,

I feel that the more…

…the more I lose myself.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life” OW

My weakness is yet to be taken advantage of..

…It’s quite evident what it is though.

I’ve read this graphic novel many times, I know exactly what I’ve done.

And I’ll do it again.

Nycto Scoto Lygo Achluo

Nycto Scoto Lygo Achluo

Many people are frightened of the dark.
The dark allows the darkness within to expand, escape and augment the world around us.

The light keeps the dark away. Hidden inside the heart, mind and soul..


The light hides the darkness within all of us..

..but you can’t hide from me.

Many people are frightened of the dark..

..I (embrace) it.