My soul is captured in her stare.
Hands crippled by my craft; I am no longer a craftsman..

No longer a man of my word but I still speak with the depth and darkness of oceans.

A false Prophet.

A fools profit.

But She is far from naive and has nothing to lose.

Now she just stares and although I can no longer charm her with my craft,

My soul is captured in her stare..

..and when she closes her eyes, I’m hers.



Silence is Golden.
Well, in certain circumstances anyway..

And depending on whether or not you value Gold..

Hey, let’s just say ‘Silence is…’  and for the purpose of this post, add whatever Value you want.

Anyway, I always notice how her lips form the shape of a heart whenever I Lie next to her.

More often than not, whenever she breaks her silence —–  —–

I break her heart <\3