Poetry is not dead.. she stands firm ❀

Sooo I’m back to posting again. I’ve actually been away posting on Instagram but I have decided to come home 😊 or really, share accommodation.

I’ve decided WP is a place where I can post my ramblings but also write a bit about the ideas behind them.

I named the above ‘unsub’. I saw a post by a very creative individual which expressed the freedom to believe in God without being following a specific religion and I got to thinking..

Why not?

Who’s to say that your independent deiety is any less than another?

Your beliefs are yours, your faith is yours, your spirituality is yours.

It’s the same with anything really.


I don’t subscribe to their solicitation.
‎I don’t subscribe to their religion.
‎I don’t subscribe to their ideology.

I pay my respects.
I pay my dues.
I pay attention.

My Prophet is not theirs to tax.

Consider me unsubscribed.

They can’t gentrify my savage.
They will never appropriate my Soul



My soul is captured in her stare.
Hands crippled by my craft; I am no longer a craftsman..

No longer a man of my word but I still speak with the depth and darkness of oceans.

A false Prophet.

A fools profit.

But She is far from naive and has nothing to lose.

Now she just stares and although I can no longer charm her with my craft,

My soul is captured in her stare..

..and when she closes her eyes, I’m hers.