My soul is captured in her stare.
Hands crippled by my craft; I am no longer a craftsman..

No longer a man of my word but I still speak with the depth and darkness of oceans.

A false Prophet.

A fools profit.

But She is far from naive and has nothing to lose.

Now she just stares and although I can no longer charm her with my craft,

My soul is captured in her stare..

..and when she closes her eyes, I’m hers.




I seem to trip and stumble through this sort of thing.
I would like to say it’s through necessity but the truth is I’m just reaching out to you (her)

Well, reaching out as far as the single digit it takes to pour my heart out

(Technology these days)

No ink spilled, no paper, no mistakes, no idleness; lest the devil makes work and real intentions are shown.

You are so meticulous and structured in your prose..

..I just trip and stumble.

Anti Hero

Anti Hero

I have gained amazing Power.
The more I learn to control it;

The intricacies, rules and limits..
The greater it grows.

In fact,

I feel that the more…

…the more I lose myself.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life” OW

My weakness is yet to be taken advantage of..

…It’s quite evident what it is though.

I’ve read this graphic novel many times, I know exactly what I’ve done.

And I’ll do it again.